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 Athesian Military System

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Nisaku Shimura
Nisaku Shimura

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PostSubject: Athesian Military System   Athesian Military System Icon_minitimeMon Apr 29, 2019 3:20 pm

Athesian Military Ranks
Special Ranks:
Emperor - The Emperor of Zeal. A special rank only one person at a time can hold. The leader of the Athesian Military as well as the entire government of Athesia.

Advisers - The Four Pillars. These are Four extremely experienced Zeal Warriors who work as implied, the advisers to the Emperor. They also work a balancing mechanism in power to ensure the Emperor does not go mad with power all to him or herself. Their final role is being the final defense for the Emperor should the worst happen during an attempt to attack or kill him.

King - The Almighty Eight. As the name implies, Only Eight people can hold this title at a time. Answer only to a committee between each other or The Emperor and his Advisers.

Officer Ranks:
Colonel - The highest normal rank achievable in Athesian Military. The Colonel is a single man who is the leader of the Officers of the Athesian Military, the Commissioned forces. The Colonel answers only to The Emperor, The Four Pillars, and the Eight Kings.

Major - The second highest officer rank achievable, Majors are only present at the Emperor's Castle, The Headquarters of the Kings or the Colonel, or as the Commanding Officers of their own Bases.

Captain - Captain is the first rank in the Athesian Military that allows the holder of it to be a commanding officer of their own Base. Captains are usually the highest officer rank someone within the Military will possess while being a part of a normal unit.

Commander - Commander is the next highest officer rank, but unlike as the name implies, typically they do not actually command their own Bases. It CAN happen under very special circumstances, but usually that Commander is promoted to Captain in that case. Commanders do commonly lead their own Units however.

Lieutenant - Lieutenants are the middle rank of the officers in a sense, as they are training, learning how to be leaders on the job for their eventual promotion to Commander, Captain, etc. When necessary, Lieutenants can lead Units of Ensigns and other Lieutenants, but it doesn't typically happen.

Ensign - The entry level for the officer rank, Ensigns can very quite drastically in power and experience as some of them are former chiefs that were commissioned into officers, or are fresh entries into the Athesian Military that started off with the rank. Still starting off as an ensign is a big reward and is not just given to anyone.

Warrant - Warrants are a midground rank inbetween enlisted and officer. You can become a Warrant for several reasons. The power and authority a warrant carries varies from individual, but typically all ranks both enlisted and officer show a Warrant the utmost respect.

Enlisted Ranks:
Master Chief - The top tier when it comes to power in the enlisted ranks, The Master Chief is one person who is the absolute authority over all Enlists personnel. (except those with special instructions) Master Chief is equal to the Colonel on the officer side, and works alongside the Colonel to maintain order within the Athesian Military for the Kings and the Emperor.

Chief - The highest Enlisted Rank held by multiple people, The Chief is someone who is not to be messed with. Chiefs are very powerful and usually the Enlisted leaders of Bases, they are also responsible for the training and maturing of Privates and Specialists. Chiefs hold equal merit to Captains and Commanders on the officer side.

Sergeant - The first rank with actual leadership responsibilities, Sergeants are usually tasked as the leaders of entry level units composed of Specialists and Privates. They also may serve as the junior members of higher units led by Chiefs and Warrants.

Specialist - The second rank normally achieved, it is a natural stepping stone very early into the life of an Athesian Soldier to very quickly advance to a Specialist. Specialists have no more real authority than a Private, but what the rank signifies is experience and potential as a leader in the future.

Private - The normal entry level rank into the Athesian Military. Unless you are brought in with some sort of special circumstances, you will start at this rank. Usually stationed at the most populated and weakest bases, your time on the job is mostly training to prepare you to advance to the next few ranks.
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Nisaku Shimura
Nisaku Shimura

Posts : 25
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PostSubject: Re: Athesian Military System   Athesian Military System Icon_minitimeMon Apr 29, 2019 3:34 pm

Units are squads of 3 to 10 members typically. Units are the true backbone and power of the Athesian Military (Equivalent to the Teams in Naruto in purpose). Units are sent out all throughout the World of Athesia to maintain the peace and keep the high hopes of the civilians intact.

Who the Units answer to is determined typically by two of factors:
What Kingdom they reside in.
What the rank of the Leader of the unit is.

As their are bases throughout the Eight Kingdoms, if your Unit is stationed say in Iros, your King is Minoru Yamamoto. That doesn't mean you answer directly to him (at least under normal circumstances). If your Unit Leader is a for example. Chief, he may answer to either a more senior Chief, the master chief, or the king.

There are special units that get to work independent of the Eight Kingdoms. These Special Units instead work directly at the Castle of the Emperor of Zeal. They serve him directly (or his Advisers). These special units can serve all kinds of purposes that vary widely from Unit to Unit. The only thing they have in common is that they were given this special status by the Emperor himself for a particular reason only he would be aware of.

Most young people who enter the Athesian Military do not get privileges like this, and are instead sent to work as a Private or Ensign depending on their method of entering.

Unit structure is dependent on how many members you have. If you have a unit of only 3 or 4 members, you may only need 1 leader. But if your Unit possesses 8 or 9 members, it would be best to establish multiple leading members. The big exception to this are the direct units of the Eight Kings themselves

The Eight Kings have full authority on how many members their Units possess, or if they even have a unit working with them. Jax from Naly Rati for example, has been nicknamed the One Man Militia because, as the name implies, whenever he gets into combat himself, he fights alone. Whereas Hunter Armstrong from Lochernia possesses a very powerful legion of warriors in his unit. Ranging up to 50 men and women, whom he all considers his family.

Promotions are done typically for whole units, as teamwork is the key to success. Individual promotions are rare and only reserved for those in higher ranks that do not participate in typical unit work, or those who perform deeds that go above and beyond normal acts of peace and justice.
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Athesian Military System
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