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PostSubject: Kelvin Strata   Kelvin Strata Icon_minitimeSun Apr 28, 2019 6:22 pm

Name: Kelvin Strata

Age: 21

Home Kingdom: Varili

Gender: Male

Personality: Kelvin is a laid-back individual who is naturally curious. He can be a bit brash and overconfident at times, but he's loyal to his allies and have an appreciation for human life.

Backstory: Kelvin is a Varili native from the Oil colonies located in the center of the kingdom. His parents were oil minors who died in an oil explosion accident six years ago. This was where his Zeal powers first manifested, creating a psionic shield, protecting him from harm. When a young Masahiko Suzuki himself got word of the phenomenon, he visited his homeland of Varili and met with the young man. While their Zeals are different, Masahiko taught him how to control his power as well as physical combat. As of now, Kelvin is Masahiko's only pupil. Kelvin is the leader of SEEKER, a special ops unit separate from the military that answers only to the Emperor himself. His unit was created to investigate and take down immediate threats as they see fit. Despite is calm demeanor, Kelvin treats this with the utmost seriousness.

Alignment: Good

Cause/Objective: To protect the Eight Kingdoms and master his powers

Zeal: Psi-Force - Kelvin has the ability to generate an exuberant amount of psionic energy. He can use this energy to create constructs such as shields, weapons, and objects. There seems to be no upper limit to these powers outside of Kelvin's own mental limitations. Masahiko has theorized that if Kelvin can increase the percentage of his brain activity, then Kelvin can access more psionic power.

Zeal Type: Mental Zeal (it's often mistaken for manipulation)

Techniques (Optional): Psi-Sword - Kelvin can generate a sword made out of psionic energy. This is his go-to technique. This can take physical shape and damage corporeal as well as incorporeal things.

Psi-Shield - Kelvin can create a psionic shield that can be as a combat shield held in his hand to a force field surrounding an area as big as a city block. The shield can protect against both physical and mental attacks.

Psi-Gun - A handgun made from psionic force. It can shoot psionic bullets, only limited to Kelvin's own willpower.

Psi-Construction - Kelvin can create a myriad of objects made of psionic energy. These objects can take physical shape and simulate multiple functions.

Weapon (Optional): Psi-Sword

Anime Picture Base w/ Anime the Base Originates from (Posting a Picture is Optional): Simon from Gurren Lagann
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