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PostSubject: Amaya    Amaya              Icon_minitimeSun Apr 28, 2019 3:40 pm

Name: Amaya

Age: 17

Home Kingdom: Iros

Gender: Female

Personality: Amaya is an open personality girl. A lot of her traits comes from her desire to be friends with those who she thinks need that support of a friend. She has a tendency to not see the bad in people, doesn't matter how many chances are to be given. For her, people don't commit crimes because they want to but because they are forced into doing them due to circumstances.  Amaya isn't one to fight unless it is mandatory.

Backstory: Not much is known about her family, due to unknown reasons a young Amaya was left at the doorsteps of Daidoji, a shrine just outside of Iros capital of Tanegashima as a baby. Said to be barely a couple of months old, she was taken in by Shrine Maidens who raised and gave her the name people know her as today Amaya. The only families she had were the shrine maidens, they taught her everything, how to read, write, speak, and taught her that all life is sacred, no matter how corrupted the being is. Even after everything, the maidens couldn't be a replacement for her real family wherever they are. All she has is a Katana with her name engraved on the sheath.

Alignment: Hero

Cause/Objective: To find out about her past, learn the one thing that has avoided for so long. Her family name and who she really is.

Zeal: Pyrokinesis - To produce fire and set things ablaze with her mind. Amaya herself is unaffected from the effects of the fire, unable to be burned by it.

Zeal Type: Elemental Zeal

Techniques (Optional):

Weapon (Optional): A silver katana dubbed Utukushi Hono (Beautiful Flame). The only object/person in this world that isn't affected by her flames. This weapon is something Amaya holds dear as it was left with her at the doorsteps of the Daidoji shrine. Amaya believes this is the key to know about her real family and will protect it at all cost.

Anime Picture Base w/ Anime the Base Originates from (Posting a Picture is Optional): Sakura (Tsubasa: Chronicle Reservoir)
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