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PostSubject: Kizaru Shimura    Kizaru Shimura  Icon_minitimeSun Apr 21, 2019 1:23 pm

Name: Kizaru Shimura (Birth Name: Alexander Pius)

Age: 18

Home Kingdom: Born in Lochernia but currently resides in Alnia

Gender: Male

Personality: Kizaru is Flamboyant, eccentric, and excitable. Despite being extremely intelligent, Kizaru seems to throw himself into conflict with his extremely blunt demeanor and his refusal to withhold the truth unless absolutely required to lie. A natural fighters competitive nature resides in Kizaru that is only quelled by a fight with a worthy opponent​. Kizaru also possesses an unwavering sense of justice. Not unlike his biological sister Titania.

Backstory: Kizaru was born into the legendary Pius family in secret. Why you ask? Well, due to his small body at birth and initially weak bone structure, Kizaru's father, rather than have Kizaru be the heir to the family, instead sent Kizaru off to live safely with his uncle in the Beslands Isle. Unfortunately, his father had mistaken the boat and instead he was sent to Alnia. Without parents, he was fathered by the guard that his father sent to protect him on the way to Beslands Isle. They lived quite happily and the guard eventually warmed up quite well to being the father to such a happy and appreciative boy. The guard instilled within him a burning passion for helping others in need. But eventually, his adopted father passed on. And at only ten years of age, Kizaru was an orphan. While out walking one day, two years later, Kizaru met Nisaku. They immediately became amazing friends, and as Kizaru didn't have a family, Nisaku offered to adopt him as his brother. Kizaru became inseparable from his slightly younger brother, and still is to this day.

Alignment: Lawful Good

Cause/Objective: To Protect and Help others

Zeal: Tactics and Battle Mastery

Zeal Type: Mental

Techniques (Optional): No exact techniques, but his zeal gives him a genius understanding of battle strategy and tactics

Weapon (Optional): A Large Lance handed down to him by his adopted father which he often comically complains is too big or too heavy. Despite this he has grown to master battling with the weapon.

Anime Picture Base w/ Anime the Base Originates from (Posting a Picture is Optional): The Rider of Black (Astolfo) - Fate

Notes: Kizaru is quite homosexual, and can be found ogling just about any attractive man he sees that isn't Nisaku

Kizaru Shimura  FateGrand_Order_Astolfo_Cosplay_Wig_1_1800x

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Kizaru Shimura
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