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Name: Animus

Age: 26

Home Kingdom: Kisiasta

Gender: Male

Personality: Happy go lucky eccentric puppeteer


No special childhood backstory.

All his life he’s witnessed people’s passion/zeal for heroics, and could never reproduce it in himself, no matter how hard he tried(and he did try.) Eventually this created an animus within him for others and he began to disassociate from the standard trajectory of a normal person, even having his real name become lost to those who hadn't already known it by way of not using it. He became a researcher and inventor extraordinaire! He found his own true inner calling is experimenting on the zeal of others and playing with the boundaries of zeal itself in the world.  

Six months ago, he broke the laws of time and physics somewhat, summoning three humanoid lifeforms. These people, while younger adults than him, somehow did not have memories(if they had history at all), and only had the characteristics that gave them their namesakes from Animus. One was a crazed hulking beast, one had a giant shield, and one was a knight with a sword. Ever since, Animus has been “teaching” them the ways of the world, in other words twisting their blank knowledge and trust in him for his purposes, another game in his twisted game of playing with people and trying to understand zeal.

Alignment: Neutral Evil(pretends to be True Neutral to higher ups so he won’t get arrested or marked as a threat.)

Cause/Objective: To test the limits of zeal. He’s somewhat a pessimist who doesn’t believe in the zeal of others, meaning he doubts their passion and energy to the point he likes messing with them to test his own theories.

Zeal: Summoning

Zeal Type: Manipulation / Sosa Netsui

Techniques (Optional):

Berserker – Basically a hulk smasher, not taking an extra pic base but think of Berserker from Fate Unlimited Blade Works/Heaven’s Feel.

Shielder – Looks like Mashu Kyrielight(not actually taking the pic base) from Fate/Grand Order: First Order. She wields a very large invulnerable shield(large enough for one person to hide it, and therefore hide behind her, and behind that person.) She can also create a lesser forcefield near her to protect others, but this is weaker. Animus usually spends most battles near her and conversing with her to his amusement while Saber and Berserker do most of the offense.

Saber – Looks like Galahad(not actually taking the pic base) from Fate/Grand Order: Moonlight/Lostroom. He’s a swordsman, has a pretty good blade, and can do slashes that even cuts through the air at a distance.

Summoning of astral projections(creates holograms of himself or people, mostly used to antagonize others, or to send messages to people he does not wish to meet in person at that particular time.)

Low tier teleporting/warping(in actuality he is merely summoning himself to a nearby location, usually to hide behind Shielder’s defenses.)

General summoning -  Can summon objects. Sometimes used to drop things like pianos on his opponents or just to have a useful item he knows about.

Weapon (Optional):

The artificial(?) life forms that are Berserker, Shielder, and Saber

Anime Picture Base w/ Anime the Base Originates from (Posting a Picture is Optional):
Merlin(Fate/Grand Order: Zettai Majuu Sensen Babylonia and Fate/Apocrypha)
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